Sunday, June 17

i remember you breathing when i woke up, now all i have are these memories that i cant trust.. i want another day with you

soo i guess this i kinda a summer themed post. i really hope these holidays are good. i had a dream last night that i was late for my exam, it was so scary! i hope i dont have any more nightmares like that. 

all this love has gone away, coz i didnt have the heart or the strength to say, coz i'll miss you when youre gone

okay so heres some music porn. ahh i need to go out clubbing but i have no money or friends unfortunately im just stuck here listening to angus and julia stone. ahh i love my house music.
if your interested the pics are of arty, sander van doorn, felix cartal and dada life. the pic that looks like a stadium is of dada life at EDC. wow i cant even imagine getting to go to EDC, literally the most amazing festival line up in the world (in my humble opinion).